What’s New in 2016

We would like to get all of our loyal supporters involved in a little fun. Here at Elements we had a little homework. We had to make a Top 5 list of things that we think will be “in” for the year 2016. We compiled our list and now we want to know your opinion. I will list the Top 5 for each of us and you can cast your vote for who you think may be accurate. We would love your involvement!

Matthew’s Top 5:
1. Naked Cakes
2. Glitz and Metallics
3. Flower Crowns
4. Non-Floral Centerpieces
5. Cascading Bouquets

Kelly’s Top 5:
1. Desserts instead of Cakes
2. R.S.V.P by Email
3. Live Art
4. Personalized Usuable Art
5. Station Style Food

Hayden’s Top 5:
1. Form Fitting Wedding Gowns
2. Variety of Centerpieces
3. Washed Out Pastel Color Themes
4. Mixed Matched Decorations
5. Fairy Lighting

Bella’s Top 5:
1. Unique Seating
2. Themed Weddings
3. Exquisite Lighting
4. Lantern’s and Other Unique Pieces Will Replace Bouquets for Wedding Party
5. Floral and Textured Wedding Gowns Plunging Necklines

Cast your votes now! We can not wait to hear your input on the new trends that will grace weddings throughout the year. πŸ™‚

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