May Your Heart Be MARRY and Bright

This is a time of year when you reminisce back over the past year and think of all the changes that time has brought. When we look back, we remember things that have happened to us that are both good and bad. These events that we remember help mold us to who we are, but I encourage you to remember only the good things. Remember the events that made you laugh so hard it brought tears to your eyes. Remember the people you surrounded yourself with that made you feel incredible, the ones that bring out the best in you. When you look back on the moments that create days with those dearest to your heart, smile a smile so uncontrollable that laughter proceeds out of your mouth. But most importantly, remember the blessings that God has bestowed upon you. Weather it be a new career, a relocation, an addition to the family, or even a new budding romance. Let your heart be filled with happiness, let it beam with hope, and may be it MARRY and Bright. If you are married remember the feeling you got when you were planning your wedding, and even on your wedding day, you had a MARRY heart. If you are yet to be married, think of finding love and living your definition of happily ever after, that creates in you a MARRY heart. So from our MARRY heart to yours, MARRY NEW YEAR! Don’t forget to remember to make TwentSixteen magical, make it an even better year this TwentyFifteen. Leave a little sparkle wherever you go, this is your year to shine!

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