Looking Ahead to 2017 Wedding Trends

Weddings in 2017 will embrace a more carefree, artfully-arranged look other than a “matchy matchy” vibe. This year’s wedding dresses will be more of an off-the-shoulder dress. A ton of wedding dress shops are becoming filled with both short and long sleeve dresses. You can also expect to see a more natural centerpiece on guest tables of the bride’s choice; for example tree branches, wood blocks, and other wood looks. You will still be seeing pinks throughout brides weddings because everyone “LOVES” those color schemes. Newly engaged brides will be choosing a loose bouquet for their choice of flowers to hold on their dream day!! Couples will be returning to the old ways and choosing a classic tiered cake!! Let’s get ready to see what 2017 holds!!!

Elements Catering & Floral Design