Following the Ropes: Erin and Peyton

A little over seven years ago a young lady named Erin left her hometown of Boston, a city full of history, to embark on an adventure to the lovely South. Little did she know she was about to make a little history for her own life. At a chance meeting at a local establishment, that is so famously called “Roper’s”, she met a true southern gentleman by the name of Peyton. Throughout the night they were inseparable. Lighting a spark that was still shining bri…ghtly at their beautiful wedding ceremony last night, seven years later. From two completely different parts of the world their “ropes” began to entwine and thus this beautiful love story took flight. The Magnolia State and the Bay State joined together to make one beautiful, dynamic duo!
We count ourselves blessed to be able to be apart of such a union. Our goal is to make the wedding day sheer perfection and full of lovely memories. We feel special to have been a part of the “rope” that unites Erin and Peyton together. We wish the newlyweds a life full of smiles, strength, laughter, and love. And may their love shine bright like that little light house that sits in harbor right off coast of Little Brewster Island. Let their lives of adventure be a beacon for all to follow, and let their “ropes” forever be knitted together. Congratulations Erin and Peyton, your wishes were β€ͺ#β€ŽMcGranted‬!



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